Listed below is an overview of the ministries and services that the church provides to its members and the community. Ministries may be added or adapted as needed. For a more detailed description of a ministry, please click on the ministry link or view Ministries Descriptions and Tasks (pdf).

1. Fellowship:  To strengthen relationships within the church family and provide opportunities to establish relationships with friends and visitors through regularly scheduled fellowship activities.
Leaders: Elders: Glen Knutson, Gary King, Deacons: Charles Johnson, Richard Wiebe.

2. Youth:  To build up our teens and young adults (13-30 years of age) for a lasting relationship with Christ through weekly Bible studies as well as monthly and annual youth-driven service projects and other activities.
Leaders: Elder: Gary King, Deacons: Donald Walters, Chad Celaire, Youth Activities Coordinator: Tyler Gauthier.

3. Children:  To instruct our children (0 to 12 years of age) in God’s ways through Sunday school and mid-week bible classes, as well as other activities.
Leaders: Elder: Gary King, Deacon: Billy Leung.

4. Transportation: To provide travel support to members and visitors in need who wish to participate in worship services, Bible studies, and other church events.
Leaders: Elder: John Muller, Deacons: Billy Leung & Ray Kazuk.

5. Education:  To provide relevant and encouraging Bible-based teaching curricula to all age groups.
Leaders: Elder: Gary King, Deacons: Billy Leung, Minister:  Jay Manimtim.

6. Worship:  To focus the minds and hearts of the church on God the Father and on Jesus on Sunday morning and evening worship services.
Leaders: Elder: Jim Hobbs, Glen Knutson, Deacons: Ray Kazuk, Tim Lock, Oshokenoya Monofi, Minister: Jay Manimtim.

7. Missions:  To support Christians in their ministry to advance God’s kingdom outside the local area, across Canada, and around the world.
Leaders: Elder: Wayne Turner.

8. Outreach: To proclaim Jesus Christ to our local community through various outreach activities that demonstrate the love of God in tangible ways.
Leaders: Elder: Wayne Turner, Deacon: Richard Wiebe.

9. Communications and Media: To provide cohesive and effective communication for various ministries of the congregation by coordinating efforts among various media inside and outside of the Central church of Christ.
Leaders: Elder: Wayne Turner, Assistants: Melanie Hobbs, Linda Manimtim.

10. Women’s Activities:  To strengthen the women in their spiritual growth and build meaningful relationships through fellowship, Bible study, and other activities.
Leaders: Elders: Gary King & Glen Knutson, Assistants: Stacey Anderson.

11. Men’s Activities:  To strengthen the men in their service to and relationships with God and with other godly men through Men’s Breakfasts, training workshops, and other such events, empowering them to fulfil their responsibilities to God, their families, the church, and the community.
Leaders: Elders: Gary King & Glen Knutson, Deacons: Richard Wiebe & Tim Lock, Assistants: Myles McMillan, Amir Hussein.

12. Benevolence and Member Support:  To provide material, physical, and spiritual support to the members of the congregation who have identified their need.
Leaders: Elder; Wayne Turner, Deacons: Leonard Johnson, Richard Wiebe, Brad Denby.

13. Building and Property:  To provide an environment that is comfortable, inviting, functional, clean, safe, and conducive to the worship of God while bringing the church together as a family under God.
Leaders: Elder: John Muller, Assistant: Tim Arbuckle.

14. Financial Administration:  To efficiently manage the financial resources of the church in order make funds available to effectively support the ministry of the congregation.
Leaders: Elder: John Muller, Deacon: Dennis Gamble, Assistant: Wes Johnson.