Benevolence and Member Support

To provide material, physical, and spiritual support to the members of the congregation who have identified their need.


  1. On a case-by-case basis, consider the needs of church members who present themselves with a need, and provide support as necessary.
  2. Coordinate efforts to help members in emergency situations.
  3. If possible, refer the individual(s) in need to another member of the congregation who is able to assist, or to a local organization who is able to fill the need.
  4. Uphold confidentiality and privacy requirements by ensuring that information is passed on a need-to-know basis.
  5. Coordinate hospital visits.
  6. Coordinate the efforts to help shut-in members, new mothers, single parents, and widows through visits, care, home repairs, Lord’s supper, meals, and other services.
  7. Manage the non-perishable food pantry in the church building and account for the distribution of the goods to members.
  8. Mail out church bulletins to those who need them.
  9. Create and send personalized greeting cards to encourage members.

Elder: Wayne Turner
Deacons: Brad Denby, Leonard Johnson