Financial Administration

To efficiently manage the financial resources of the church in order make funds available to effectively support the ministry of the congregation.


  1. Receive weekly collection.
  2. Manage the church contribution software program.
  3. Determine employee salaries, deductions, and remittances to Receiver General.
  4. Complete and forward annual Federal Charity Return, annual Provincial Return, and T4 summary to CRA and T4 slips to employees.
  5. Manage Business Bank Account.
  6. Update Quicken accounting software on a weekly basis.
  7. Manage investment account.
  8. Manage financial files (receipts, payments, and verification reporting).
  9. Prepare and manage church budget with elders and deacons.
  10. Prepare financial reports as required.

Elder: John Muller
Deacon: Dennis Gamble
Assistant: Wes Johnson