To build up our teens and young adults (13-30 years of age) for a lasting relationship with Christ through weekly Bible studies as well as monthly and annual youth-driven service projects and other activities.


  1. Plan curriculum and conduct weekly Bible classes (Sunday morning, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night).
  2. Plan and conduct monthly youth devotionals and get-togethers.
  3. Plan and conduct annual events such as the Mountains of Fun in the Prairies ski retreat (first weekend in February), Youth Rally (third weekend of September), Clearview summer camp, weekly summer activities in the local area, and Survival Camping Trip (last weekend of August).
  4. Manage youth room and set guidelines for use.
  5. Maintain youth ministry bulletin board.
  6. Participate in the STAND conference bi-annually.
  7. Plan and conduct annual young adult conference in Winnipeg.

Elder Gary King
Deacons Paul Birston
Youth Activities Coordinator: Soren Lock (January – August 2018)
Assistants: Chad Celaire, Dwaine Gauthier