Sept 29 – 30 – Praise & Harmony Kickoff

We are excited to be starting a new program which will focus on our congregational singing.

We will have a kick-off weekend led by Kevin & Laura Uebelein starting on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 7 PM, and continuing Sunday morning during class time. We will also continue once a month during class time to keep singing and practicing songs.

Please see Tim Lock if you would like to purchase a copy of the “Faithful God” audio cd or Jehovah God” audio cd, included in the sets is a vocalist training cd (SATB: soprano alto tenor base)

Members can also login and view the Praise and Harmony song videos and audio we will be working on.

Kevin Uebelein Bio
“Kevin Uebelein and his wife Laura moved to Edmonton Alberta in 2015, relocating from Boston, Massachusetts. Kevin works at the Alberta Investment Management Corporation, where he is CEO.
Kevin & Laura first met each other singing in the chorus while attending Harding University. Ever since then, music and the tradition of a cappella worship have been an important part of their lives.
Since moving to Edmonton, Kevin and Laura have been conducting regular sessions at the Edmonton Church, where the church body meets together to learn new hymns, improve their musical ability, and learn how to better focus both mind and heart on the musical portion of the worship experience. We call these regular monthly sessions “Songapalooza”. With a name like that, you can imagine that there is an element of fun and fellowship included in each session.
Separate from his day job, Kevin has performed in opera productions in several US cities, as well as given solo and joint recitals. Mostly, however, he is an ardent a cappella song leader.”

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