Our building address is 170 St. Mary’s Road, on the south-west corner of the intersection of St. Mary’s, Tache and Enfield, in Winnipeg Manitoba,Canada. (see map below).

Church office

Our mailing address is 170 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB R2H 1H9. The office entrance is through the middle set of double doors from the parking lot. Office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tuesday to Friday. You can also Contact Us by phone or email.


Nelson McIntyre Collegiate is located immediately south of our building, with two parking lots between. On Sundays, both lots are available for parking. On weekdays during the school year, the lot by the school is reserved for school use. Parking is also available on the street – Enfield, Tache, and St. Mary’s (there is a weekday time limit and also no parking is permitted during the evening rush hour).

Bus Service

The Enfield stop is right beside or just across St. Mary’s from our building. The St. Mary’s (14) and St. Anne’s (55) bus routes run regularly by our building. As well, the St. Boniface-Wolsely (10) route comes down Tache and turns onto Enfield (the stop is just across the street). The Downtown-Norwood (53) runs from downtown through the Norwood West area during the evening rush hour. For schedule time visit Winnipeg Transit.

Building Accessibility

There are two ramps that provide access between the main floor and outside ground level. At the north (Tache) end, there is an exterior concrete ramp from the St. Mary’s curb to the main entrance. At the south end, there is an interior ramp from the office/library lobby to the main floor.

Wheelchair Lift
The wheelchair lift is accessible to the main, library/office and classroom (second) floors.

Hearing Assistance
The auditorium is equipped with a hearing assistance system. Please ask for a receiver.

Accessible Washrooms
The main floor Women’s and Men’s rooms are fully accessible. Both are equipped with change tables. As well, there is a private main floor washroom which is equipped with a wheelchair accessible shower.

Nursery/Cry Room
There is a cry room located at the back of the main auditorium. It has windows to the main auditorium and is equipped with audio and video.