Listed below is an overview of the ministries and services that the church provides to its members and the community. Ministries may be added or adapted as needed. For a more detailed description of a ministry, please click on the ministry link or view Ministries Descriptions and Tasks (pdf).

1. Fellowship:  To strengthen relationships within the church family and provide opportunities to establish relationships with friends and visitors through regularly scheduled fellowship events under church activities, men’s activities, and women’s activities.
Contacts: Church Activities: Charles Johnson; Men’s Activities: Amir Hamed; Women’s Activities: Melanie Hobbs; Benevolence: Leonard Johnson; Member Support: Brad Denby.

2. Education:  To provide relevant and encouraging Bible-based teaching curricula to all age groups.
Contacts: Children (Age 0-11): Kyle Brown; Youth (Age 12-17): Donald Walters; Young Adults (Age 18-30): Chad Celaire; Families: Tyler Laycock; Small Groups: Chad Celaire.
Note: Adult Education is directly overseen by the Elders. Special Events are planned by the Elders and Ministers.

3. Outreach:  To support Christians in their ministries outside of the local area (Missions) and to proclaim Jesus Christ to our local community.
Contacts: Missions: Dean Haskayne and Local: Anthony Ajakaiye

4. Worship:  To focus the minds and hearts of the church on God the Father and on Jesus on Sunday morning and evening worship services that are led by godly and capable men.
Contacts: Singing: Tim Lock; Leadership Training: Ray Kazuk; Worship Service: Ray Kazuk and Oshokenoya Monofi; Broadcast & Technology: Idris Onakpoya

5. Administration:  To provide financial and facility administration to the church in order to ensure the functionality and sustainment of the facility.
Contacts: Building and Property: Tim Arbuckle; Communication: Melanie Hobbs; Transportation: Bob Haskayne; Financial Administration: Dennis Gamble