Listed below is an overview of the ministries and services that the church provides to its members and the community. Ministries may be added or adapted as needed. A more detailed description of these ministries is currently being revised and is unavailable at this time.

1. Fellowship:  To strengthen relationships within the church family and provide opportunities to establish relationships with friends and visitors through regularly scheduled fellowship events under church activities, men’s activities, and women’s activities.
Contacts: Church Activities: Gary King; Men’s Activities: Richard Wiebe; Women’s Activities: Melanie Hobbs; Member Support: Brad Denby.

2. Education:  To provide relevant and encouraging Bible-based teaching curricula to all age groups.
Contacts: Children (Age 0-11): Kyle Brown; Youth (Age 12-17): Donald Walters and Kyle Leung; Young Adults (Age 18-30): Jay & Linda Manimtim; Families: Tyler Laycock; Small Groups: Vince Anderson
Note: Adult Education is directly overseen by the Elders. Special Events are planned by the Elders and Ministers.

3. Outreach:  To support Christians in their ministries outside of the local area (Missions) and to proclaim Jesus Christ to our local community.
Contacts: Missions: Dean Haskayne and Local: Anthony Ajakaiye

4. Worship:  To focus the minds and hearts of the church on God the Father and on Jesus on Sunday morning worship services that are led by godly and capable men.
Contacts: Singing: Tim Lock; Worship Service: Ray Kazuk, Oshokenoya Monofi, and Ryan Harrison; Broadcast & Technology: Idris Onakpoya

5. Administration:  To provide financial and facility administration to the church in order to ensure the functionality and sustainment of the facility.
Contacts: Building and Property: Tim Arbuckle; Communication: Melanie Hobbs; Transportation: Bob Haskayne; Financial Administration: Dennis Gamble