Welcome to some useful resources for our members & visitors.

For our members we have our church library online, you can search for a Book Title, Author or Topic to see if we have a copy at the library. Visit the library in person and use the dewy number listing on the online listing to locate the book on the self and check it out.

We also have our congregational singing to listen to and other helpful info on ourĀ Links page.

Below is a list of articles on congregational singing, compiled by Paul Birston:
(Note: A pdf viewer is needed to view the files below)

01) A Cappella Singing from God’s Perspective (A Theology) by Everett Ferguson
02) Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs by Alexander Campbell
03) Biblical New Testament Worship of God by Congregational Singing vs. the Phenomena of Instruments & Praise Teams
04) Acceptable Music in Worship to God
05) BIBLICAL GUIDES TO INTERPRETING SCRIPTURE, Then, Eternally and Now, June 16, 2012, 8 5 x 11
06) Early Christians Speak, Worship and Music, by Everett Ferguson
07) My Pilgrimage (on Worship Music) by Jack Lewis
08) Instrumental Music in Churches and Dancing by Moses Lard
09) What Shall We Do About the Organ by J. W. McGarvey
10) Sing Where the Bible Sings by David Worley
11) Trivializing the Holy by R Mark Shipp
12) How Shall the Seeker Say Amen by Jeffery Peterson
13) The Pleasures of Worship by Gary Holloway
14) Contemporary Trends in Hymnody by Alan J McNicol
15) Worship and Ethics,Confession, Character and Conduct by Michael R Weed
16) Consecrated Pragmatism, Trends in Modern Worship by Michael R Weed
17) Congregational Songs in Trouble, What Makes a Good Hymn by R Mark Shipp
18) The Changing Sound of Worship Music by Wendell Willis
19 ) Our musical preferences do matter appropriate music in the assembly
20) Singing and Worship from the Perspective of the Russian Orthodox Church by Philip Camp
22) Nominalism (The Philosophical Theory that there Are No Universals)
23) Modernism
24) Postmodernism