About the International Churches of Christ

The International Churches of Christ (I.C.O.C.) is a religious body that grew out of the Boston Church of Christ. Under the leadership of Kip McKean, the I.C.O.C. now reaches around the world. Much controversy has followed the group. In the United States and Canada, it has been the subject of numerous feature reports in newspapers, magazines and television news programs, often being identified as a cult. As well, the group has been discussed in books about churches that exercise inordinate control and power of their members. (For example, see Donald Enroth’s Churches that Abuse). One of the greatest sources of information about the I.C.O.C. comes from former leaders and members of the group. Many of these people have put up webpages. We encourage caution for anyone who is thinking of becoming involved with the group, and provide these links for your information.

Please Note: For many months, the ICOC has been undergoing some sweeping change in many places, although there may be some local groups that still function as they have. Many in the movement have acknowledged most, if not all, the abuses and have begun making corrrections. Much of the information linked below is about their past history, although there is also information about the changes that are taking place.

Triumphing Over London Cults – a major I.C.O.C. resource, access to many other links

Apologetics Index – has a large collection of information and links about the I.C.O.C. as well as additional reference material. This site is definitely worth a good look. It has links that are both “pro” and “con.”

REVEAL – more information and links

NOTE: This information has been added at the request of a concerned Winnipeg parent.